Ecological and completely natural paintings for your home

Friends. Employees, suppliers, customers: they are all friends, to cause (just like that) serenity and optimism in all environments and among people. This is the Fil Rouge of the history of Giorgio Graesan and his company of decorative paintings, which Matteo Viviani went to know in his new journey together with Greenme in the video format «Let's see if it is true».

More than forty years spent watching beyond the simple profit intended for a few, reaching the viscera of happiness and marrying a concept: it is possible, it is useful, it is vital, being happy at work. It's simply a matter of being farsighted.

From here comes everything else, as in a precious circle of good practices in which a satisfying work in a peaceful place generate wealth in relationships and, of course, also company profits. The lack of even one of these elements is not profitable and has advantages (perhaps) only in the very short term.

«So the search for profit neglects to do community», begins that Giorgio Graesan who made his company, Giorgio Graesan & Friends, in Milan area, his and of his friends' house, in fact.

A company made of people, before the employees, and in which the well -being of eachone is put in the center of each decision.

Andiamo a vedere se vero!