October 2004
Niccolò as of the last race in Ala di Trento is officially 2nd in the national Easy Kart 125 ranking (the largest and most popular).
By rights he will participate with the number 2 on the front of his car in the Arce world final on October 15-16-17 next to champions like Federico Montoya (Montoya's brother and Columbian champion) and other international representatives.
These are the figures as of now:
2. Absolute national standings (ousting some 170 competitors)
2. Absolute Northeast champion (behind only the Australian champion, Sasha Viets, who is also a champion with BMW)
4. Absolute Central champion
6. Absolute Northwest champion (The most difficult area where drivers with 10+ years of experience race)
3. Absolute Bridgestone Winners' Cup... for now (just one more race to go) and this will be another impressive trophy!
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