Ipervetro Opaco
The beauty and strength of Ipervetro have been a reality for almost three years now.
It's definitely a professional product that requires attention, knowledge and commitment. But it also gives incredible performance and satisfaction when mastered.
Here you can see the shine and luminosity of Ipervetro.
The only "defect": it is extraordinarily shiny and, as such, incredibly loved or hated by the more modern "Opaque" lovers.
For this reason, we have developed a way to make it OPAQUE and beautiful in a really simple step.
In fact, after having spread Ipervetro as we already are used to do, just adding a coat of Vetro Opaco with our roller is enough to obtain a perfectly homogeneous and opaque surface, transparent and with an unprecedented VELVETY TOUCH. You have to try it.
Here you can see the total "opacity" of Ipervetro with Vetro Opaco.
To let you touch it, we inserted a beautiful Zen Stone tile with Ipervetro Opaco into the 2020 Backpack currently in distribution.
We will also distribute a tile to all our Dealers.
In this video you can see how extraordinary simple the application of "Ipervetro Opaco" is.