Backpack 2020 - Minimal Cotton e Wool
We present you the new 2020 Backpack.
It consists of two compartments and contains 16 tiles, a magazine and a sample book.
The trolley is easily detachable through a comfortable velcro and the backpack can be put on the shoulder.
The first run of 1,000 pieces is dedicated to the new edition of Minimal, with the new ICON sample set consisting of photos of the product applied on walls, and with additional real samples, and contains:
  • 13 Minimal Cotton tiles
  • 2 Minimal Wool tiles
  • 1 Minimal tiles with Iper Vetro
These are the new applications of Minimal, real fancy and very easy to apply.
I remind you that Minimal is an opaque mother of pearl acrylic paint, perfect for completing ceilings and walls combined with Segui il tuo Istinto.
The complete backpack + trolley is now on sale on our website by clicking here at the price of 100 euros + VAT.
It can also be requested from your trusted dealers for the same price.
In addition, you can always have it in vision, loan or rental from the Resellers who join the initiative.
Here you can see a short video in which I illustrate the Backpack and its contents.
I announce you that a version of this 2020 Backpack containing samples of Elephant Skin, Lived Stone, Spatula Stuhhi Highlight, Bronze Wall and the latest news presented at the event of February 4, 2020 is being prepared and will be soon ready for delivering.