Spatula Stuhhi HIGH LIGHT
Spatula Stuhhi is our most successful long-lived and overall product.
It is a historical finishing, it comes from the Renaissance, it has absolutely current technical characteristics despite its 30 years on the market. Spatula Stuhhi was in fact presented in the distant 1990. Being composed of stones, limes and minerals, it perfectly meets the needs of sustainability and naturalness so required nowadays.
The application system so far was the classic one in three coats to obtain a smooth and slightly speckled surface.
On October 30th 2019 in a special event we launched a new and innovative way to apply it: it's named HIGH LIGHT.
In two single vertical passages with our spatula it becomes equally shiny and breathable but with a design more suitable for lovers of Design.
The technical characteristics, naturalness, breathability and natural shine remain unchanged.
The surface can then be furtherly protected with our Cera del Vecchio or with Savon D'Eau to increase the washability and resistance characteristics while maintaining breathability of the product.
The sample collection is distributed starting from November through our Resellers, and contains, in addition to the 169 colors of Spatula Stuhhi Classico, the HIGH LIGHT variants and VARIOPINTO that we will present in the next days with a special Mail.
In this video we illustrate the sample collection and a brief tutorial on the two new application systems.