Marmo Nuvolato (Cloudy Marble)
This application imitates the more traditional Marble. Veins and shadows recall Nature with its Stones and Marbles.
Shading is obtained by spreading a little product of Casa dei Sogni with our glove.
This preparation gives the feeling of successive veilings that we call TRASPARENZE.
Laying over another coat leaves more marked stains that can possibly be diluted with a second coat of the same product and color.
Once we reach the most similar to the Marble Nuvolato stain, we can treat and protect it with Ipervetro giving it absolute depth and shine.
Here you can see the application of Ipervetro upon a surface done with Trasparenze, thus obtaining the Nuvolato Marble effect.

If you want to see all the Transparency / Marble Nuvolato application you can follow this link: