Muro Naturale - Second Edition
Muro Naturale is a lime based product with marble powders of various sizes, natural minerals and MICA. We presented it in November 2017, in the first edition of the catalog.
Muro Naturale is intended for large surfaces, complete homes, prestigious offices and entire shops. Therefore, we want to present it as a prestigious, healthy, natural and sophisticated wall, in SOLID COLOR.
It differs from Segui il Tuo ISTINTO, which use is mainly for bathrooms, kitchens, walls behind the beds and fireplaces. In short, single walls or small interventions.
The purpose of this second edition of the catalog is to differentiate the two products and the two different uses.
Here are the main differences from the first edition:
  • The photos of the applied product are in sequence, giving the sensation of a solid color.
  • The color palette is in a single page and can be viewed at a glance.
  • The inclusion of Pietra Levigata in the catalog. This insertion is due to the fact that it is applied in the same way and it is addressed to the same market of large surfaces.
The second edition of the catalog is in distribution these days and will soon be available from our resellers for free.