Today, March 8th, is the
On April 4th, will be the
April 4th will also be the official inauguration of
Paint Revolution 2017 - New Talents.
It will be a party, a birthday, a baptism for the Creative Painter.
And since it's an important Day, the birthday of a new profession, we thought to surprise you with a GIFT really significant in terms of both material and mainly symbolic value. So we'll make a draw and the winner will have:
This is the Van that we have customized and used to create the Video which tells about values and merits of the Creative Painter. We brought it at Vicenza Fair and many other events in Italy.
It's not a new Van. It has 80.000 KM, a market value of about 10.000 Euro, but it has an enormous symbolic value thanks to the promotion we made with it during this year.
It will be sorted out among all those who want to participate. Indeed, on April 4th we will distribute 9000 copies of the new catalog SPATULA STUHHI 27 ANNI, completely renewed, with a new image and logo. These copies will be numbered and reserved to the Pioneers of Spatula Stuhhi with a special dedication by the reseller.
At the end of the day, during the inauguration of Paint Revolution, we will extract the winner of the Creative Painter Van.
The winner will obviously be awared as the Creative Painter 2017.
A great Party for a great Profession.
We'll give a revolutionary thrust to the Event and we'll put again more enthusiasm in the world of Creative colors.