We are organizing an event at our flagship store, located in Pisani
  • 16 Street, Milan, the city known to be the center of Design and Fashion. We hope this event will leave a mark in the collective imagination of our industry by showing the boundaries of Our World.
    Starting from April 4th to June 1st, in 2016, every working day for about two months, 4 artists will perform works by completing 16 Live Works in the middle of a crowded sidewalk, from 10:30am until late at night, using: Instinto; Spatula Stuhhi; Gioia, and other Giorgio Graesan products.
    Artists will obviously be our guests for what concerns the cost of transport, food and accommodation. To qualify, they must credited by our Dealers through our Area Agent.
    Do you want to be the new PAINT REVOLUTION Artist?
    Apply at your local Dealer or our Local Agent.
    Giorgio Graesan