The Lamp Mannequin
A nice idea you can offer to your customers: the Lamp Mannequin matching the wall, ideal to create a perfect backdrop for all situations.
Click here to watch the assembling tutorial for this Giorgio Graesan branded mannequin.
The mannequin comes to you neutral, ready to receive our primus and give you the options to customize it completely to meet your liking using our products.
You can buy it directly from our dealers or in our ONLINE SHOP.
With the upcoming series of tutorials, I will show you various tips and tricks to apply our products on the mannequin:
Here's the first video of this series, a Lamp Mannequin made by me with the COLORED PRIMUS.
It's been easy to achieve this, and if I succeded... you can do it for sure!
I enjoyed very much, so enjoy you too. Your customers will greatly appreciate this fantastic furnishing solution, stay tuned for other tutorials.
Giorgio Graesan