I Colori della Pietra
Four months have passed since we introduced our new and current color set.
The results of the critics and of most of our public have been exceptional.
In our wide range of colors seemed to just miss the soft and delicate colors of this new collection: I Colori della Pietra [The Colors of Stone]
We started with our most important and significant product, Spatula Stuhhi, renewing it with an updated graphic edition (through a more extensive range of colors) and adding the collection 'I Colori della Pietra' with their photo set.
On July 2014 we started distributing the new Casual di Gioia, completing it with this new collection.
Today (1 September 2014) we begin distribution of the new edition of Casa dei Sogni, with our new collection I Colori della Pietra.
In October, we will launch the renovation of Spirito Libero and La Via Lattea and towards the beginning of 2015 there will be the renewed edition of MINIMAL and the fourth edition of Segui il tuo Istinto.
Nice job!