This is one of 90 works created in these three days of Collective Creation.
They were intense days in Piacenza during the exhibition "The Colour".
The result are 90 panels of 2 x 2.60 meters, decorated with our new product SEGUI IL TUO ISTINTO.
Each decorator has interpreted this product in its own way by creating true artworks that you can find in the gallery of the site
This filler can be worked for a time sufficiently long to allow smooth and shiny finish, or many other finitures.
The experience achieved in these days shows we are beginning development of a new market and a new creative trend in the world of decoration.
We can say that we experienced moments of great enthusiasm with these 32 creative artists who gave birth to their creations in front of our eyes and of those incredulous spectators.
The energy that flowed from our square filled with joy the exhibition and its visitors. These artists have worked side by side exchanging advice, help and friendship, creating and making real the illusion of a perfect world where there is no space for envy, falsehood and stupid competition. An example for all society.
Furthermore, these artists have shown that we can begin to think our homes as the Temples, Castles, Museums, Churches, Places of Worship, in short precious places of intimacy where we can put and keep true Artworks. Our Home is precious and contains our most important values.
Who said that "painters" can not also be Artists? At Piacenza, we launched an important message and demonstrated that there are many "painters" capable of making true artworks. Their motto was: TODAY COMES THE NEW RENAISSANCE or EVEN MICHELANGELO PAINTED THE CEILINGS.