Our house is also yours.
Come whenever you like.
What you see here is a film that tells in a little more than 2 minutes, the evolution of our "Home" and about our color project.
This evolution took place in about 20 years since the late eighties with the release of new range of colors, every 4 years or so.
1987 - I Colori Classici (The Classic Colors)
1991 - I Colori di Londra (The Colours of London)
1996 - I Colori di Portofino (The Colours of Portofino)
2000 - I Colori del Sole (The Colors of the Sun)
2004 - I Colori di New York (The Colors of New York)
2010 - I Colori dell'Anima (The Colors of the Soul)
Each presentation was preceded by a careful and thorough study of a specific geographic area of the planet, its costumes, its culture and, lately, its typical color.
After publishing samples related to each color range we have set up a specific demonstration in our company to highlight the close relationship between our colors and the research done in various places.
In this way, every 4 years, we have expanded our showroom with a new and special exhibition area which remained to witness the path of our creative process.
Now all of the above has been enclosed in this film that represents our invitation to visit us and learn the basics of our project and the sense of the research behind all our products.
Those who love this work because of Color, Art, Decoration and passion, they can share and receive the appropriate recognition of your love and sharing it with us by visiting our "Home".
As described above, the title of the new video is: "Our House is also yours."
Come whenever you like.