What are human rights?
As post-war children, we know that the United Nations issued a list of the fundamental rights which a man has from the moment he is born.
The purpose of this list was to prevent humanity from repeating the barbarity which had been seen in preceding years and to remind every man, present and future, that reciprocal esteem and respect for human differences form the basis of a healthy mind and relationships on our planet.
But are our children familiar with this list of fundamental rights?
Are they ready to fight and protect them as if they had created them?
And will our grandchildren learn about them?
For those interested, we are organising distribution of a DVD which was presented during the fair and met with resounding success.
We aim to raise awareness of this valuable knowledge which is absolutely vital for building our certainties.
Giorgio Graesan
-The photo shows music video director Taron Lexton (on the right) and rapper Charles Gee.-