'It can be done... and well!'. This is the statement which filled us with pride, and if anyone still had any doubts about the nobility of SPATULA STUHHI, genetically inherited from its natural ancestors, then hereís the proof
This is a really 'important' application. Its size is notable, 150x100 cm, and when we realise that Franco Farina has painted using a brush it conjures up an image of delicacy suited to the nobility of SPATULA STUHHI.
Some people might get a shock, perceiving a kind of artistic heresy in the spatula effect rendered by computer. The result, however, is pertinent; it binds the painter and his work together in a self-validating ephemeral moment...
Here he is. The artist and his work. Each standing free, and yet linked as in the previous photo no longer bound together by a computer effect but by a much realer link between the Creator and his Creation. And the material for the creation is in the middle: SPATULA STUHHI.
Distinguishing mark and mission. Creativity is linked to research and curiosity. Research into the field of colour and materials, but also into the field of possible applications to reach an artistic level. Can you see a similarity in this case? Itís just because art also has the job of reflecting reality' !
Oil on canvas 80x84 cm. Franco Farina, painter, aesthete, master of techniques using oil paints and watercolours. He has won competitions and exhibitions with this painting, in which he shows the duality of the spiritual and physical realms. As we chat, Iím struck by one of his comments, finding it inspiring: Itís as if I had sculpted a painting out of marble. There are many other works to be seen in his VIRTUAL GALLERY. VIRTUAL GALLERY.