Shower cabin: yes or no?
This is a dilemma that often inflames our Facebook group The Creative Painters.
Basically there is a heated debate among our Painters: many argue that it is possible to isolate the shower cubicle, even if not very easy, using our products and others are uncompromising deniers, who instead argue not to use our products in showers.
Far from wanting to agree with one or another of the two positions that can both be true, I want to express the official position of Giorgio Graesan and Friends. Here it is:
- If you want absolute resistance to water and time, we suggest using old and tested tiles.
- If, on the other hand, you want a more "Trendy" approach to the shower enclosure, you can use our products by following these indications (resistance and durability should not be compared to the tile that is eternal):
1 - Use our Gioia, White Paint, Oro, Via Lattea and protect them directly with IPERVETRO.
2 - ISTINTO (Pietra Spaccata, Zen, Bamboo) WITH Gioia well applied in two coats, and finalize protecting directly with IPERVETRO.
3 - ISTINTO (Pietra Spaccata, Zen, Bamboo) WITHOUT Gioia, must be isolated with two coats of Vetro Lucido diluted 1/4 with water. At this point you can finish with two coats of Vetro Lucido or Vetro Opaco. If necessary and after checking with a spray that there is no absorption, it can be protected with IPERVETRO.
4 - ISTINTO Pietra Levigata and Muro Naturale must be prepared with one coat of Vetro Lucido diluted 1/4, and then apply two coats of Vetro Lucido or Opaco. Any small absorption of water evaporates when it dries. We do not recommend the use of Ipervetro on this application.
5 - Spatula Stuhhi must not be used.
By using these indications you will obviously be guaranteed by us for any possible problem and the material will be refunded. For any doubt, however, our Digital Consultancy Center is also at your disposal with video calls from construction sites.
Our products are not recommended for floors with the exception of IPERESINA which is perfect for clinging directly on tiles, when you aim to a quick and easy recoloring of existing tiles with little expense.
To clarify all this I have prepared this short video.