How to "SANITIZE" an Area
What can we do besides sitting on the sofa, waiting for this situation to finish?
We can organize and equip ourselves to fight Covid-19 with our own hands, energy and determination.
Yes, because while we go to people's homes, offices and shops, we can commit ourselves to "take out" Covid as much as possible with simple tools created with the recommendations of the WHO.
This is the reason why we have created at the speed of light FOUR new products that can help you in this task.
Here are the four new products branded GIORGIO GRAESAN and Friends, ready to give you the chance to fight the Covid-19.
We won't do Miracles. But at least let's try to do something.
They will be immediately on sale on our e-Commerce, in order not to waste time for its distribution and start fighting Coronavirus right now.
Obviously they will also be soon available from our Resellers who will join this initiative.
SaniTouch: for horizontal surfaces. Spray on paper towels and go over horizontal surfaces.
Go over with a dry cloth and clean and then throw away.
Price per dispenser to Creative Painter: Eur 6.70 + VAT
Pack of 12 pieces.
Cutisan: Alcohol-based hand cleanser and sanitizer, non gel, 500 cc.
Price per dispenser to Creative Painter: Eur 10.40 + VAT
Packs of 12 pieces
Packaged for us by Ecochem
Sani Floor In: for floors and walls.
Dilute with water to 5% and spread on floors
On walls (not dark colors) dilute to 2%.
Chlorine based
Price per jar for Creative Painter: Eur 4.50 + VAT
Pack of 12 pieces
Sani Floor Out: for external floors and walls.
To be applied by low pressure spray.
Chlorine based.
Price per tank for Creative Painter: Eur 84.30 + VAT