La Casa dei Sogni
20 years of history and success: La Casa dei Sogni.
A product with a very easy application, that we have been selling, distributing and applying since 2000 with an absolute experience.
La Casa dei Sogni is applied with a glove, a natural gesture of the hand that characterizes and personalizes each wall, giving exclusivity and refinement.
It can be ABUNDANTLY applied in its most particular effect that reproduces a Brazilian Granite especially when it is protected by Ipervetro. The ease of application and the 169 colors have made it a continuous and impressive success.
In the "TIRATA" version that we call "Transparencies" we obtain a slight haze that reminds a moving wall, making it warmer and different from the solid-colored walls. Protected with Ipervetro it is called Marmo Nuvolato.
In early September we presented the new sample collection.
It is an impressive Restyling that will re-launch this wonderful product for the next 20 years, and contains for the first time an application of the 168 Colors for a more conscious choice.

Ask your Resellers for this new Format to impress your customers.
Here you can see the Video explaining the sample and all the application systems.