Muro Naturale
These days we are delivering to our Resellers our new product Muro Naturale (Natural Wall).
This new product, as the name easily recalls, falls under our exclusive line CALCE, PIETRE... Solo Natura, to which also Segui il tuo ISTINTO, Spirito Libero and Spatula Stuhhi belong.
Muro Naturale is therefore absolutely breathable even in a thickness of 2 or 3 millimeters.
It's a Liquid Marble.
Unlike its predecessors, it contains a new mineral, MICA, a substance that often shines when you look at a rock in the sun. This new mineral gives a touch of originality more while maintaining the classic smooth and semi-glossy effect of the Marble.
It can be protected if necessary with Savon D'EAU, a mixture of semi-solid soaps applicable with a sponge, as an alternative to the well-known Cera del Vecchio.
The catalogue contains 168 colors and can be seen here.
If you want to know more about how to apply it, please view the videos Muro Naturale and Muro Naturale: The finishing .
Enjoy your new Muro Naturale

Giorgio Graesan