Twentyseven Years of Spatula STUHHI
A product that has marked a big change.
Since 1990 it tells of Naturality, Creativity and Marvelous Colors.
A profound innovation and challenge, in those years of White Walls and solvent based products.
A product that grew year after year expanding its color range and becoming a timeless classic.
Today, after 27 Years, we are announcing a new 'sophisticated but easy' look, in order to become consistent with the speed of modern thought.
A constantly evolving product that wants to remain the most valuable, long lasting, natural and exciting solution.
This new version will be delivered by our retailers with a great party on April 4th 2018 at 5:00 pm during the CREATIVE PAINTING DAY.
To share this great event, we will connect with a Facebook Live streamed directly from Paint Revolution.
And we'll toast to the next 27 Years.
See you there...