Paint Revolution 2017: a Preview at FEL
On 2016 November, 11st to 13rd, we'll be present at VICENZA fair FEL - Festival Edilizia Leggera.
A local fair organized like a Party, from Friday to Sunday, and extended to 12pm on Saturday. A party where we can meet, share and appreciate our products, in a space dedicated to training and more, and where you can taste local specialties.
What will we do during the FEL?
  • We will dedicate ourselves to work in tune with our local Resellers.
  • We will give some of them a reserved space for the public.
  • We will encourage them to bring their best Painters for a public contest.
We will open the new Paint Revolution 2017 which will have the codename "NEW TALENTS", and in Vicenza we will show you a preview of this Event.
In fact, in 2016, we dedicated ourselves to training and acknowledgement of our best and more creative Painters.
We celebrated them with an event 2 months long, in the center of Design in Milan, with a tremendous mediatic support and with a Book which collects all their works.
They are and will remain PIONEERS of Creative Painters, and we will work in 2017 to bring this experience to the NEW TALENTS which want to grow and express themselves for a better World.
So let's carry on this "Revolution" to increase the skills and creative abilities of the whole industry. A Turbo Compressor for Creative Growth.
During the FEL fair, we will distribute for free a Book collecting all the pictures and experiences we lived between April and May 2016.
We look forward you there to celebrate this incredible Creative Revolution.
Giorgio Graesan
For a Free-pass to the fair, register following this link.