Ecological and completely natural paintings for your home
Matteo Viviani (from 'Le Iene' TV Show) looked for me to ask me what I thought about ecological paintings. I replied that it is difficult to generalize and it is easy to follow the trend of the moment.
The more I refused the interview and the more he was interested. Then I explained to him that since 1984 we operate towards sustainability well beyond the fashions and slogans that are easily copied. Our sustainability is in the company DNA and as a natural consequence it moves to our products.
And not necessarily having to skid the four winds as an exceptional thing: it is obvious and natural for us.
So Matteo said: "I can come to see if it's true?"
At this point I accepted this interview that is now published in the digital magazine GREENME
In the interview Matteo managed to take me to talk about all the sustainable activities of our company since 1984 and our corporate philosophy that moves us every day towards a better world. I want to thank him for his insistence and for helping me to bring out our DNA that we take for granted but in the video comes out in a strong and clear way.
Good vision.