I am pleased to announce that we have activated a new business sector that will deal with DIGITAL CONSULTING.
360-degree consultancy, therefore help and application suggestions with an Architect available via video call from the Milan Showroom, aimed to help our Creative Painters and Interior Designers.
We want to take advantage of the great difficulty of these months to move towards the future.
In fact, our specialty which is consulting through demonstrations, masters or Paint Revolution events, has become impractical.
To remedy this and look ahead we have invested in a new Center with digital equipment from which we aim to assist and continue to provide the same flawless service.
Technology helps us a lot and allows us to provide more timely advice than we could before.
In fact, contacting us with a video call when needed, instead of when a technician or agent passes by, makes a big difference.
To explain this novelty I made a short video:
In detail, we have 4 people available for these consultations:
- Theo Tramutoli will coordinate the activities of the Center
- Andrea Impellizzeri and Paolo La Selva get involved to pass on their experience.
- Mona Atri will be available from the Milan Showroom for Design consultancy and to help undecided customers even with a video call visit to the Showroom.
You can call (or video call) every day from 8.30 to 17.30 to:
- Request assistance on site to start the work.
- Advice for application problems
- An update on new products
- A one-hour private lesson to Painters who wish it.
- A guided tour with Design consultancy for Painters or Individuals from our Milan Showroom.
The big news is in the ease to start a video call with us.
We have prepared a brochure with a QR Code that will take you directly to the company.
Or a mobile number that used through WhatsApp will get the same result.
You will find these brochures from our dealers.
But you can save this link too: will take you directly to the DIGITAL CONSULTANCY center.
You can even do this now if it's office time, just to say "Hello".
As you know the future is Digital and we are preparing for it.
Giorgio Graesan