Ipervetro over Gioia and Via Lattea
Have you ever thought to protect Gioia, Neve and Via Lattea with IPERVETRO?
Here is a fast, original and performing solution for walls in bathrooms, kitchens, children's rooms, prestigious rooms, busy offices that deserve great resistance while keeping their originality.
Of course Ipervetro can easily be made Opaque with Vetro Opaco in a single pass with our roll.
To better explain the ease of application here is a 2-minute video tutorial of Ipervetro over Gioia.
Of course, the same idea applies to all of our acrylic products applied with brush, roller or glove. So, Casa dei Sogni will become the Brazilian Granite, and the same rule is valid for Minimal, Snow and Milky Way.
Here too we have a 2-minute video tutorial to explain this application:
Also, in a new video, you can learn in detail the mixing system of IPERVETRO, when it's necessary to divide the 1 liter can in two half liter cans.
Finally, another short tutorial will show you how easy it is to have OPAQUE IPERVETRO.