Our Magazine - Third Edition
Our Magazine have reached the Third Edition.
This edition is a true 264 pages photographic encyclopedia of Creative Paintings.
It was born three years ago to collect in a single container a summary of our products presented through our photographs. It has progressively grown together with our product range and our photographic research.
The purpose of this magazine is precisely to help the customer to "get an idea" of how they imagine their home. A very useful element to inform and stimulate the use of our Creative Paints. When the customer knows what finish he wants, you can also give him the specific samples or the tiles of the product he has chosen for further study.
The Third Edition of the Magazine is now available at our Dealers completely free of charge, as are all our samples. You can request them to show them to your undecided customers but you can also use them as real promotional items by giving them to architects or interior designers.
It's a full-fledged magazine and therefore it can be placed in any waiting room.
It is a communication and marketing tool of great effect and prestige. It distinguishes us and distinguishes you from any competition, transmitting an image of security and stability that are in great demand in these periods.
In this short video I will tell you the details of this object. You'll want to have it in your hands as soon as possible.