It happens often that the cans are scratched with metal tools and the residues that we call "Trucioli" (Shavings) remain in the product and we find them under the spatulas or on the brushes. Then they go on the walls as you apply the products and waste time and patience to remove them.
This is why we have produced these new hard plastic tools that do not scratch the cans in any way.
We called this tool SPADA (Sword).
You can use it for all Acrylic products of course, very useful for mixing Ipervetro component A which is a bit thick and needs to be mixed for at least 30 seconds (a metal tool is not advisable), or to help the stucco mixer cleaning the edges of the cans.
The good news is that we are giving them to our Resellers with a promotion linked to the launch of Casa dei Sogni and the new Granito Brasiliano.
So, those who adhere this new promotion will have a free amount a Spada for their Creative Painters.
Contact your dealers for the new catalog of Casa dei Sogni / Granito Brasiliano and get Spada for free.