T-SHIRT 2018 Make Art not War
Like every year in this period, we sell our T-SHIRT with Make Art not War brand through our dealers.
This symbol has been with us for 4 years and, with pride, we continue to offer it in many initiatives and especially in our clothing, turning an object otherwise used only for work, into something useful and positive.
Moreover, this edition is celebrating 11 September 2001: we want to remember with the special logo embroidered that we disagree on what happened and shout why it should not happen anymore.
This SHOUT will be particularly strong this month because we will give out a free T-SHIRT for every 24 KG can of Segui il tuo ISTINTO, Spatula Stuhhi, Muro Naturale e Spirito Libero.
The tag behind the neck is reminiscent of this message. Here you can see the photo of the tag.
What makes this shirt special is the fully embroidered logo. An exclusive item to highlight the beauty and strength of our message.
The brands of 'Creative Painters', which remind us of our new profession, 'Suggeriamo Pareti Creative', our slogan and mission and on the back 'Giorgio Graesan and Friends' logo are softly present.
These T-SHIRTS will be delivered to our dealers starting from 1st June 2018.
After that date, every order of 24Kg can of the above products, for any quantity and while stocks last, will grant you to receive a Free T-SHIRT.
We want to wish you to
Make Art not WAR