It seems like yesterday to me, but the years pass quickly one after another.
When we launched Spatula Stuhhi in 1990, it looked like a fleeting 'fashion' product.
Instead, here it is after 28 years, in all its freshness and vitality, and still unbeatable if you pass me the term.
Its natural technical features, its Naturality, the sense it gives to the touch, the marvel it brings with its colors, make it a unique and unsurpassable product nowadays.
For this reason, I decided to rejuvenate its look with a Logo and Catalog Cover restyling, which would enhance it as a modern product, worthy of joining the 2018 Design.
The Logo and Cover graphics will perfectly be aligned to Muro Naturale and will stay with us for all 2018.
So, Happy Birthday Spatula Stuhhi!
Here you can view a video telling about this 28th birthday.