Segui il tuo Istinto 5 - Lime and Marbles
Segui il tuo ISTINTO 5 ... for now you can only see the first page...
Will this book make you dream?
For sure it will AWARD those who followed us since the first days.
Indeed, it's the fifth year of this incredible product which brought to surface the hidden Creativity of many Painters in Italy and in the World.
Since 2012 we see more and more abilities and expressive skills in the Showcases that our site dedicate to our Painters. This is a direct consequence of the stimulus offered by the philosophy enscripted in the project called Segui il tuo ISTINTO.
Following this objective, we invented an Event of 2 months in duration, PAINT REVOLUTION, where about 200 Painters exhibited in via Pisani, in Milan, sharing skills and knowledge to let the Creativity to emerge. In 2017 we will repeat this exciting experience.
Let's try to summarize and understand this with some numbers collected during the last 5 years:
  • 220,000 distributed catalogs
  • 800,000 square meters covered
  • 100,000 Creative Walls made
  • 800 demonstrations and traing courses done
  • None criticity or issue in these 5 years
All with an unbeatable naturalness thank to its Mineral Essence.
Segui il Tuo ISTINTO contains Lime, Marble powders of various sizes and Natural Minerals.
But certainly, the most significative value is not in numbers, but in the happiness of Painters and their Customers when they touch the uniqueness and creativeness of their walls.
What you see is the symbol and the name of the new Catalog, which we will send to all our Resellers in the World in the next January 2017.
It will be a LIMITED AND EXCLUSIVE EDITION reserved to the PIONEERS of this philosophy. It's reserved to those who believed and invested their time to let their Creativity emerge contributing this way to a Better World. A modest acknowledgement to their contribution.
Its name will thus be Segui il Tuo ISTINTO 5.