As you know the success of Segui il tuo ISTINTO has started in 2012 in a splendid fair in Piacenza.
Since then, square kilometers of walls have been made with Split Stone, Zen, Bamboo, Carved Stone and so on.
After 9 years it can happen, indeed we hope, that some of our old customers wish to change their own wall color, made with ISTINTO, but keeping its "structure", the original engraved design. Is it possible to change the color saving all the initial processing?
To answer this legitimate question, here's a video that shows how easy it is to change color to ISTINTO by painting it with our IPERRESINA.
This ease is given by the extraordinary capacity for adhesion and the low thickness of IPERRESINA which therefore does not "close" the design engraved inside Segui il tuo ISTINTO.
Once the color have been changed, you can leave it as is with IPERRESINA, or enrich it with GIOIA, ORO, WHITEPAINT or GLITTER.