14th Collective Creation
This edition, the fourteenth, has just ended.
Every Collective Creation since 2008 has been an exciting moment and therefore a vivid memory.
Almost every edition has its own video available on our website that tells about the event and the state of our sector, of our Creativity as a Group rather than individual.
Each of these 14 times we have learned a lot and above all we have "exchanged" and shared our experience, gained to the whole sector promoting a cultural and consequently commercial growth.
Obviously, the most important editions remain in the collective memory, Piacenza 2012 and Paint Revolution 2016/2017, but each edition has left its important contribution.
It is always a honor for me to bring my company to the many of you who have participated and contributed with your freshness and vitality.
The next edition, the Fifteenth, will be towards the first months of 2020.
I remind you that the winners of the monthly prize on the group 'I Pittori Creativi' will participate.