Protective eyewear
Your Eyes are important to us.
This is an invitation not to overlook a very important protection when working with lime products like Spatula Stuhhi, Seguil il Tuo Istinto, Spirito Libero and Muro Naturale:
Lime, in fact, a very natural product of great tradition which guarantees perfect hygiene, breathability and fights molds, is dangerous for the eyes.
Many of you already know this, but think they are lucky or expert, while someone else does not know this until he/she goes to the emergency room where the danger of this event is discovered.
The solution is simple: protective glasses designed to contain any eyeglasses and with the precautions not to cloud vision.
This is what you need when working with lime, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU MAKE CEILINGS.
Do not save on this protection, your eyes are too important and I have heard many of you with this problem.
That's why we sell them for the ridiculous price of 10 euros + VAT. Everyone can now take care of their eyes.
Ask for our glasses to your dealer.