Paint REVOLUTION 2017 - Nuovi Talenti coming soon
After the successfull days in 2016, Paint Revolution will replicate in 2017.
Starting on April 3rd, with the visit of our reseller Colorificio Frisanco di Trento, while on April 4th we will enjoy the Creative Painter Day in company of Colorificio Crippa di Busnago; we'll keep going on April 5th with Colorificio Limonta di Casatenuovo for the certification of the Winner of the Van.
Then for all April and the first days of May, there will be space for an incredible amount of Creativity every single day.
4 Creative Painters will exhibit and “astonish” passers-by and colleagues.
In short, the revolution continue...
And after May 5th, when the show will end, Paint REVOLUTION will remain open as an exhibition of the works done until June 15th.
This way, the best works will still be visible for 45 days in front of our Showroom, enlighting with Aesthetics this beautiful street in Milan.
75 days of Creative madness, in via Pisani, 16
Don't miss it, we have fun every day.